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FuturePay integrates with Commerce Guys

Wednesday February 5 2014

FuturePay, a payment option that lets shoppers buy now and pay later, with no credit card required, is now integrated with Drupal Commerce, a leading open source eCommerce platform created by Commerce Guys.

The FuturePay module is available for free on the Commerce Guys Commerce Marketplace here.

FuturePay provides shoppers with a new payment method that is secure and convenient.  Instead of entering multiple fields and credit card information, FuturePay shoppers can check out in one step, putting purchases on their FuturePay Tab with just their username and password.

"With over 30,000 active Drupal Commerce websites and counting, Commerce Guys is an exceptional partner and we are thrilled to team up with them to provide FuturePay as a payment option to online stores using their platform," said Bobbi Leach, CEO FuturePay. "Now, with FuturePay, merchants using Drupal Commerce can provide their customers with the convenience of one-step checkout with no credit card required."

Drupal Commerce offers e-retailers unparalleled flexibility, customization, and scalability. It's a free and open-source platform that answers enterprise-size demands. Because it's free, investment in an eCommerce site is on customization and personalization, not license fees and contracts. Because it's open-source, the client is never limited by what a particular vendor provides. Drupal Commerce is highly tested core software built on best-in-breed standards with a broad user base. It provides the structure needed to do eCommerce without any assumptions about how business is done.

"We are very pleased to have FuturePay join the Commerce Marketplace. Their unique offering will expand the options available for Drupal Commerce merchants", said Fred Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys. "FuturePay has great knowledge to share on the topic of payment, and we look forward to communicating these best practices to the Drupal Commerce community."